Christmas At The Palace is out in paperback!

Christmas At The Palace is out in paperback! If you see it a shop (Hopefully, you’ll spot it in Asda…) please take a photo! I’d love to see the book out in the wild.

It’s the first book that has come out under my real name – and it’s SO STRANGE seeing my actual name on a book cover.

Here are some of the reviews (yes, the first one is from THE Katie Fforde!)

“Huge fun with a slightly different slant” Katie Fforde

“Written with a sure touch, and Jeevani’s characters leap from the page. I love Jeevani Charika’s writing!” Sue Moorcroft

“What a fantastic and fascinating read. A refreshingly different and thought-provoking romance.” Phillipa Ashley

“It’s a beautifully written fairytale romance where a Prince meets an ordinary doctor from Leeds, a daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, and falls in love, but it’s so much more than that.” 5 stars – Review on Goodreads

“The perfect book to curl up on the sofa with!”  5 stars – Amazon review

“I could not put this book down once I had started.” Amazon review

“I was blown away. Such strong characters, and such a marvellously weaved story. It’s unpredictable, real, deep, and relatable.” Madhuka on Amazon

“There’s a brown woman on a royal romance cover!!! This was advertised on one of the many book emails I get and I was going to pass until I saw the heroine wasn’t white. Bought! Devoured it and enjoyed it a lot!” Goodreads review

I shall head out in a minute to go buy the traditional book release day treat of a pot of ice cream and some Lego.

I’m so excited!

[If you bought A Royal Wedding in ebook and are having trouble updating it to get Christmas At The Palace – I know there are some issues. The publisher (Bonnier) are working on it!]

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