Book Auction to raise money for the East Yorkshire Food Bank

Are you a local (or not even local) author? Can you help?

I’m organising a book and bookish things auction to raise money for the East Yorkshire Food Bank. At the moment I’m emailing people begging for donations. (I thought I’d post it here, so that there’s a site I can refer people to quickly and easily). Could you could donate a book (or something else) towards it?

I’ve set up the Auction of Promises site now and I’m looking for Promises/Lots from local authors. Please could you spread the word amoung any authors with connections to East Yorkshire that you know, so that we can get a decent set of promises. (If you’re not local, you’re still welcome to participate).

I’ve made suggestions of what you might donate. Please send me details of your promises by 25 September 2022.

What is it?

An auction of books or book/reading/writing related promises donated by local authors to raise money for the East Yorkshire Food Bank.

How it works

The auction will be run via the site There will be a fundraiser linked to the East Yorkshire Food Bank’s Just Giving page.

The auction will be live for two weeks in October 2022. This should give us all time to share and spread the word, without people getting bored. 

Each promise (donation) will be allocated a Lot number.

When the auction closes, I will notify the winners by email and ask them to pay using the Just Giving site, citing their Lot number as a reference. 

Once payment is received, I will email you (the donor) and give you details of the winner so that you can arrange delivery of your promise. 

Information for Authors

You can promise anything book, reading or writing related. You have to provide the thing you’re donating and post/deliver it to the winner. I will assume all the prizes are UK only, unless you tell me otherwise!

You can donate more than one Promise/Lot if you want to.

Your promise could be:

  • Signed copies of your books
  • Include the winner’s name in your next book – in the dedication, in the acknowledgements, or even name a character after them!
  • An author chat – over Zoom or phone or even face to face.
  • A themed bundle of books.
  • If you’re an author that teaches creative writing, you can offer to review part of someone’s manuscript or their submission letter.
  • Anything, really, that would be of interest to booklovers.

Please remember that you will be responsible for delivering the item/promise to the winner. If people have any questions, I will forward them on to you to reply.

What to do:

Email me (rhodabaxter[at] your promises before the 25th of September 2022. 

Please include: 

  • A short description of your promise (100 words max). Remember to state if it’s open to international entries. (Remember that you’ll have to post it!)
  • A short description of who you are (100 words max). 
  • A photo of your donation or promise. 
  • A photo of you (optional). 

I will email you when the auction is live – please share as much as possible. We want to get lots of bids.

When the auction is over and the winner has paid up, I will email you their contact details. You can then get in touch with them and sort out how you will deliver the prize to them.

Thanks in advance, 

Jeevani Charika (aka Rhoda Baxter) and the EY Food Bank

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