Cover reveal! This Stolen Life

Book cover of This Stolen Life
This Stolen Life

Here it is! The beautiful cover for This Stolen Life!


Would you tell the truth, if it meant losing your one true love?

Soma is a shy young woman adrift in a strange new country. After moving from Sri Lanka to Yorkshire to become a nanny to baby Louis, Soma tries to settle into life in the U.K., even if every day presents her with a new challenge, from trying new food or getting to grips with the language. 

But the one thing Soma never counted on was falling in love. When she meets Sahan, a Sri Lankan student at the local university, the two feel an instant attraction. Meeting in secret so that Sahan can teach Soma English, their friendship quickly blooms into something more. But their differing backgrounds – Soma is from poverty, while Sahan is the son of a wealthy family and cousin to Soma’s employer – means they have to hide their love from the world. 

While they bare their souls to each other, Sahan has no idea that Soma is hiding a huge secret from him – but as her lies come crashing down, Soma is faced with an impossible choice. Should she tell the truth – even if means losing Sahan?

A moving, unique and utterly engrossing love story about how well we really know the person we fall in love with – fans of Amanda Prowse, Jojo Moyes and Diane Chamberlain will be captivated.

You can preorder it now (for only 99p!). It will be released on the 8th of May.

This Stolen Life will be published by Hera Publishing

This Stolen Life is the story of Soma, who runs away from her violent past to make a new life for herself in England.

I’m delighted to say that this book will be coming out in May 2019, published by Hera Publishing. You can read their announcement here:

I got the idea for This Stolen Life about nine years ago. I’d just finished The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins and was wondering what it could look like if you updated it to the present day. All I had was the first scene. The story that arose from it was nothing like The New Magdalen. I wrote several rom coms as Rhoda Baxter and finally came back to this story idea in 2016. Since we’d moved to East Yorkshire by then, I set the book in Hull.

Ah, but it’s a two book deal, you say. What’s the second book?

I’m working on that one right now. It’s about Chaya and Gimhana and an arranged marriage that went wrong.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’d better get back to them.

Christmas At The Palace is out in paperback!

Christmas At The Palace is out in paperback! If you see it a shop (Hopefully, you’ll spot it in Asda…) please take a photo! I’d love to see the book out in the wild.

It’s the first book that has come out under my real name – and it’s SO STRANGE seeing my actual name on a book cover.

Here are some of the reviews (yes, the first one is from THE Katie Fforde!)

“Huge fun with a slightly different slant” Katie Fforde

“Written with a sure touch, and Jeevani’s characters leap from the page. I love Jeevani Charika’s writing!” Sue Moorcroft

“What a fantastic and fascinating read. A refreshingly different and thought-provoking romance.” Phillipa Ashley

“It’s a beautifully written fairytale romance where a Prince meets an ordinary doctor from Leeds, a daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, and falls in love, but it’s so much more than that.” 5 stars – Review on Goodreads

“The perfect book to curl up on the sofa with!”  5 stars – Amazon review

“I could not put this book down once I had started.” Amazon review

“I was blown away. Such strong characters, and such a marvellously weaved story. It’s unpredictable, real, deep, and relatable.” Madhuka on Amazon

“There’s a brown woman on a royal romance cover!!! This was advertised on one of the many book emails I get and I was going to pass until I saw the heroine wasn’t white. Bought! Devoured it and enjoyed it a lot!” Goodreads review

I shall head out in a minute to go buy the traditional book release day treat of a pot of ice cream and some Lego.

I’m so excited!

[If you bought A Royal Wedding in ebook and are having trouble updating it to get Christmas At The Palace – I know there are some issues. The publisher (Bonnier) are working on it!]

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