For Writers

Manuscript Critiques – When I was starting out, I found the most useful thing I ever did was getting manuscript feedback from a published writer who writes in the same genre as I do. So, I now offer manuscript critique services. Click here to find out more

(*note – this will take you to a page on my Rhoda Baxter website. I have been writing for Rhoda Baxter for over a decade now, so all my services tend to be on that site rather than this one).


YouTube channel – where I do easy to follow tutorials on how to use Canva to make author related graphics and merch.

Newsletter – a monthly email packed with links to articles and news useful to writers. You can get a freebie when you sign up; you have a choice between a free Canva template and a free contract checklist. Just click on the your preferred choice and sign up.

Information on IP and Contracts Basics for writers – I have a day job working in IP and licensing (I’m not a lawyer, but I read a lot of licensing contracts). I have a book all about the UK publishing industry and what to expect. It provides an excellent orientation guide to anyone who wants to be traditionally published. This link* takes you to the resources page linked to the book.

T-shirt Shop – I create designs for stickers and t-shirts as a way to relax. I’ve put my writing related designs on a print-on-demand t-shirt site. So, if you’re looking for a gift for a writer (or even for yourself), check out the Teemill shop. This link will take you to the Teemill shop, which is on a different website, obviously.